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The GDS® platform provides protection, charging, and data sync capabilities across a wide range of phones and tablets, making it a perfect solution for business applications like agriculture, fleet transportation, material handling, and much more. With GDS® Compatible™ IntelliSkin® protective sleeves, GDS® Docks, and GDS® Ecosystem™ accessories, simplify the process of scaling and upgrading devices while taking advantage of a standardized charging ecosystem.


Pogo Pin

Ruggedzed GDS® Tech pogo pins are specifically designed to ensure compatibility across IntelliSkin® sleeves and the rest of the GDS® Ecosystem – including adapters, docks, chargers, keyboards, monitors, speakers, and more. Rely on pogo pin technology to protect device ports from constant plugging and unplugging.

Pogo Pin Technology GDS

Future Proof
& Scalable

The modularity of GDS® vehicle docks provide the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for tablets, including inevitable future device upgrades. With interchangeable dock cups, it's easy to modify existing GDS® Docks to work with new devices enabled with compatible IntelliSkin® sleeves.

Future Proof & Scalable GDS

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